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    • Maine Beer Playing Not-So-Hard to Get

      Maine Beer Playing Not-So-Hard to Get

      At Maine's locally owned craft beverage retail stores, choices of quality fresh beers, local wines and specialty spirits and ciders are staggering. There has never been a better time to take advantage[read more]
      Beer Mussels

      Beer Mussels

      Local Restaurants Spice Up the Culinary Arts with Maine Craft Beer Beer is food. It sounds strange, but it’s true. In fact, beer and bread were invented concurrently when humans pivoted from being a [read more]
      Grains & Grit: Maine's Women in Beer

      Grains & Grit: Maine's Women in Beer

      Moderation Brewing sits unassumingly on Main Street in Brunswick.  If you weren’t looking for it, you’d likely miss it driving towards the Frank J. Wood Bridge on Route 201 from Bowdoin College.  I pa[read more]
      What's in Your Drink?

      What's in Your Drink?

      The next time you sip a Rum Punch or an Old Fashioned, think about what’s in it. Try one of Maine’s incredible craft-distilled options and enjoy the exponential flavor experience you get from drinking[read more]
      Hikes & Brews: Bald Mountain and Furbish Brew House & Eats

      Hikes & Brews: Bald Mountain and Furbish Brew House & Eats

      Just south of the village of Oquossuc, Bald Mountain rises prominently to a modest elevation of 2,470 feet, the central natural feature of the Bald Mountain Public Land. Once the site of the short-liv[read more]
      Hikes & Brews: Tumbledown Mountain and Tumbledown Brewing

      Hikes & Brews: Tumbledown Mountain and Tumbledown Brewing

      Hemmed in by the craggy alpine-like summits of Tumbledown Mountain and Little Jackson Mountain, Tumbledown Pond is easily one of the prettiest—and most popular—hiking destinations in Maine’s western m[read more]
  • One of the many benefits of staying at home is having more time to enjoy your favorite craft brews and beverages. Many of Maine’s breweries and beverage shops are working hard to make sure you have continued safe access to their products.

    Maine Brew & Bev is your best source for all the details!
    Learn all about “Brews & Bevs On Demand” this quick video:

    Brews & Bevs on Demand

    We will continue to update our list as information comes in.
    Check it out here:

    Maine Brew & Bev Can/Bottle Release forecast

  • Easy day hikes paired with nearby breweries

    What better way to finish off a great day hike than with an ice-cold brew? These recommendations come from experienced Maine Brew & Bev contributors such as Carey Kish and Josh Christie. Let us know what you think after your trip — post your photos and comments on our social channels.

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