The Great COVID Compromise

The Great COVID Compromise

As everybody is all too well aware, COVID-19 upended many of us this year, particularly in the publishing fields. While Maine Brew & Bev Guide and Activities Guide were unable to put out a physical issue in the spring/summer, we have been working on new digital models to adapt to the current situation, and have pushed forward with our fall issue. As Mainers, if we do our part by following the guidelines recommended by CDC and mandated by local businesses, we can safely continue to enjoy what we love to do and support businesses through our own state’s steady economic recovery.

Breweries, restaurants and tasting rooms have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic—and yet, people who live here and come to visit want to experience them the most. So what can we do to help them out? Maine is now requiring a statewide mask mandate. No matter what differing opinions are, it is respectful to every business to wear our masks, physically distance, sanitize and mind proper hygiene. Most importantly, these are real people under real duress. Have patience when going out, practice compliance with guidelines and have compassion for the employees and we all reap the benefits, namely getting back to enjoying the fun, relaxing experience of trying new beers, ciders, spirits and meads!

Stanley Rintz

Everybody is doing what they can to stay afloat as we head into an uncertain fall; which is why we launched a special campaign this October—#keepourspiritsupmaine.

Throughout our 36 years in the business, we have always supported our breweries and distilleries, brew stores and ancillary businesses and we’re not about to stop now. So, stick with us, like and follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and let’s all find ways to keep our spirits up. Because we’re Mainers—we can get through anything!

— Stanley J. Rintz, Publisher





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