Discover Lubec

Discover Lubec

Microbrewery lures visitors who discover reasons to stay

The Lubec Brewing Co. is located on Water Street in downtown Lubec, close to a number of other interesting places to visit.

The Lubec Brewing Company is located on Water Street, close to a number of other interesting places to visit.

Winter at the Lubec Brewing Company is pretty much the same as in the summer. “Except it’s a little colder and there’s a lot more snow,” quipped Gale White, who owns and runs the brewery with his wife, McGinley Jones.

White and Jones offer 23 different beers, all made from locally sourced organic ingredients. Among the customer favorites are Quoddy Head Red, a red ale that is among the brewery’s best sellers. Johnson Bay IPA is another favorite — and not one that the brewery offered originally when it opened several years ago.

“People would come in and say, ‘I’ll have your IPA,'” said White. So, he decided it was time to create one.

The name of an imperial black — Bailey’s First Mistake — pays tribute to local history and a sailor who ran his ship aground after getting drunk. White called it “very flavorful and robust,” adding, “I personally think that’s my best beer.”

Lubec Brewing Co. owner Gale White chats with customers Emily O’Neil and Tara Legris.

Owner Gale White chats with customers Emily O’Neil and Tara Legris.

Lubec Brewing Company also makes its own sourdough pizza.

Situated at 41 S. Water St., the brewpub is located in the center of town. Visitors enter the front door into a large room, featuring both a traditional bar and dining tables. To the right is a comfy lounge with upholstered furniture. The stage is off to the left, positioned by a window so that the performers can be easily seen from everywhere inside. COVID-19 Update: Outdoor service is available in the adjacent beer garden Friday-Sunday in fair weather. Visit the brewery’s Facebook page for more information: Lubec Brewing Company

Lubec Brewing Co. opened in May 2014. White said he fell in love with the area while visiting and appreciated the fact that Maine embraced craft beer. He wasn’t the only one.

While Lubec Brewing is a popular stop on the Maine Beer Trail, many people end up staying longer than they planned due to the beauty of the area’s attractions.

A few nearby can’t-miss sites include:

McCurdy’s Smokehouse
Located across the street from the brewery, the McCurdy Smokehouse features a museum to the lost herring industry. Although it’s open only from May to October, visitors can enjoy an ocean view from the deck of the museum. From there, they can see Mulholland Point Lighthouse on Campobello Island, Canada, along with several quaint and rustic buildings that were each part of the herring operation in town.

Lost Fishermen's Memorial

Lost Fishermen’s Memorial

West Quoddy Lighthouse

West Quoddy Lighthouse

Lost Fishermen’s Memorial
Step outside the brewery and walk down Water Street to the shore. To the right, you will see the Lost Fishermen’s Memorial, a magnificent granite sculpture bearing the names of local fishermen who died on the job. White you’re there, take in the ocean views, moored boats and the pier. You can also see the Mulholland Point Lighthouse from here.

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Located at 973 S. Lubec Road, the West Quoddy Lighthouse is approximately 1.5 miles from the brewery. Although the visitor center and gallery are closed due to COVID-19, visitors can still see the lighthouse. It is located adjacent to Quoddy Head State Park, which offers a network of trails near the lighthouse. The Coastal Trail, a four-mile round trip, takes hikers along the rocky coast and offers particularly nice ocean views from high above the water. The terrain is moderately challenging, with some steep and rocky sections.

Klondike Mountain Preserve
Take Route 189 out of Lubec to McFadden’s Variety Sore and turn right onto North Lubec Road. Continue for a mile and then look for the Klondike Mountain sign on your left at the top of the hill. Enjoy two trails, both less than a mile long. The Fowler’s Mill Pond Trail travels along the shoreline. The Klondike Mountain Trail takes hikers to two different summits featuring magnificent views. Klondike Mountain Preserve

Roosevelt Campobello International Park
Bring your passport and cross the bridge from Lubec into Canada to see the Roosevelt Campobello Island International Park, featuring Franklin D. Roosevelt’s summer home. Although the cottage and visitor center are closed from Columbus Day to mid-May, visitors can enjoy the grounds all year during daylight hours. The scenic island is also home to the Mulholland Point Lighthouse and the spectacular Head Harbor Light Station. The latter is inaccessible during high tide but, during low tide, weather permitting, visitors can walk across the channel for a closer look.

— Text and Photos: Johanna S. Billings. Johanna is an award-winning writer/photographer based in Steuben.

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