A tribute to Stephen Roop, founder of Roopers Beverage & Redemption

A Tribute to the Late founder of Roopers Beverage

Love Freely, Give Often, and Always Pay it Forward

Here’s to Stephen R. Roop, a man of honor, courage, generosity, and grace. One who is loved greatly, who loved for free, and will live on in all our hearts forever and always…

He was a man who built an empire with little to nothing, yet he possessed something much greater than material wealth. We’re not talking about passion, compassion, or soul, although that was a big part of who he was. We’re talking about something bigger than that, even bigger than life. The spark in his eyes that no one could put into words, yet everybody saw. The vivacity for life and love for people that ran deeper and longer than any river ever could.

Steve Roop, man of the hour, fearless leader, community giver, builder of dreams, was dedicated, not only to the building of his vision with the construction of Roopers Beverage and Redemption in 1992, but also a builder of people, all people whom he crossed paths with. He was the father of good deeds and caretaker to his staff and loved ones, which was far more than could ever be counted by anyone other than himself because he never forgot a single soul. Never.

Steve Roop was so generous to the community and local non-profit organizations as well as to his employees and all people in need. Money was never a priority for him, only a tool to help others.

Jesse St. Laurent, President of Roopers, is now following in the footsteps of his father-in-laws’s loving nature, by caring for his staff and the local community with consistency and passion. He writes:

“Steve Roop was so giving on levels, not caring about himself, but also trying to make everyone around him feel better. I believe Steve had an inner civic duty to give to those without, whether it was financially, or just a kind word of wisdom. Giving back helps others, which in turn, helps you: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I believe Steve knew that giving was life’s greatest lesson. You can pay it forward to people around you: children, grandchildren, and employees and all of us need to watch and listen. We take ourselves too seriously and need to become beginners. Watch, listen, learn, and help when our community needs us.”

Stephanie Roop St. Laurent, Steve’s adored daughter, has now joined her husband in the beverage industry and taken over ownership of the Roopers business. She reflects on her father’s legacy and writes:

“My dad was so much more than Roopers… Roopers gave him the venue to do so much good but the truth is that’s just who he always was. Keeping his legacy alive will be a daily challenge Jesse and I take on to show our children and community how much love, integrity and true kindness was wrapped up in Pappi. His goal was to make someone smile and love everyone for free…always!”

Roop recommends that we all be a little kinder, laugh a little more and make someone’s day better. Help keep his legacy alive by passing it along to someone in need. All gestures, big and small, make this world a better place. God knows that’s what Steve did.

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